We work in a slightly different way to other recruitment companies; we get to know you. The recruitment process can be a long and costly process so why not leave it to us. We have a successful track record of placing talent to suit business needs.

We are a highly experienced team and understand the need for outstanding candidates. From management to junior level staff, we are confident we will find your perfect employee. We understand the brewery sector is a growing sector and our clients like to be ahead so we will work with you in a partnership style rather than an external agency relationship. We pride ourselves on transparency, teamwork and honesty.

We offer help with job descriptions, salary checkers, implementing teams and strategic departmental reviews. We can also offer guidance on talent acquisition, retention and growth.

Pana Recruitment is listed on many preferred supplier lists (PSL’s) within the industry and we offer competitive rates, for further information please email us and we will be happy to discuss this with you. We believe that each client is different so we will arrange a meeting to be able to understand your requirements, your company culture and to also help you prepare the perfect job description. Our recruitment process commences with our understanding and playing back to you our assessment of your business needs, the type of resource you require and indicative timelines of when you would expect the recruitment process to be completed. During the process, we will provide you with regular, timely and honest feedback in accordance with your preferred account management style. This can range from informal meetings and discussions through to regular formal emails.

Once you are happy with the vacancy description, we will search for the most suitable candidates by getting to know them too. Unlike our competitors, we do not believe that by receiving a CV and having a quick chat on the phone we have found your perfect candidate.

We use a range of tools and platforms to attract high talent and we take the time to meet each candidate to fully understand their expectations and background.  By adopting this approach, we can be certain that the candidate’s personality will be suitable for your company and therefore be able to provide you with a retainable candidate.

We understand sometimes things don’t work out and we have a rebate system in place to give you that peace of mind.

For further information please email us and we would be delighted to talk to you about your recruitment needs.